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Polo may have a reputation as a game for the rich and privileged, and there’s certainly some validity in that. But there’s a reason why polo has been around for centuries. Building a relationship with your horse and riding together to compete against other athletes is a thrilling experience, but don’t let the mystique of the game scare you off. It is accessible if you can learn the fundamentals.


 You may be wondering why players tend to gravitate towards white pants, and the reason is simple. These traditional pants were introduced to British Army officers while they were stationed in India during the 19th century. These pants have been a part of the game ever since, but it’s about more than just tradition. The lighter pants prevent overheating when playing in more temperate environments. 


 Horses have wild manes that free flow while they gallop, but that can be a liability for horses used in a game of polo. The only reason why players are encouraged to tame their horse’s mane is that it is hazardous to the horse. You also cannot use the same horse throughout a match because they must be given a lot of rest. 


 Another thing you may notice during a match is that there are constantly people on the field. It has long been customary for all polo matches to be open to everyone, and that is a rule that is continually respected. Back in the 1920s, during matches, you’d often see the wives of players picking flowers in the field to bring back home to their families.