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Who are the prominent faces of the sport of Polo? In this article, we will talk about some of the most famous individuals in the world of professional polo.

The oldest form of equestrian sport, Polo dates back to Central Asia. Although it is not a popular sport, it has a wide range of prominent individuals who are known for their skills. Unlike other sports, which are often associated with a certain type of image, people who play Polo are known for their charm and skills.

Adolfo Cambiaso

If the sport had a face, then Adolfo Cambiaso would be the most prominent figure. For over two decades, he has been regarded as the best professional player in the world of Polo. He is also known as The Goat of Polo, and he won three consecutive championships in 2014. In 2014, he stated that he always wanted to win more titles.

At the age of 15, he was able to achieve a remarkable feat that most kids would not be able to achieve. He was able to reach a goal handicap of six. Four years later, he was promoted to a 10-goal ranking.

In 2000, he established La Dolfina, a renowned team. Through his company, he was able to win numerous international tournaments. He currently holds the top spot in the World Polo Tour rankings. Among the other international tournaments that he has won are the British Open, the Hurlingham Open, and the Tortugas Open.

Mariano Aguerre

As a kid, he had always wanted to be regarded as one of the best professional players in the world of Polo. In February 2017, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Museum of Polo in Florida.

He started playing for the Greenwich Polo Club in 1987. In the following year, he won the USPA Gold Cup. He played for the White Birch.

Currently, he is rated as a 9-goal player. He has won numerous prestigious tournaments, such as the US Open and the C.V. Whitney. Through his company, La Dolfina, he and his team have become known as one of the most prominent groups in the world of professional polo.

Tommy Beresford

The family of Tommy Beresford has a strong connection with the sport of Polo. His father, Charles, was an Irish player, and his uncle, Gabriel Donoso, was a renowned player in Chile. At the age of 24, Tommy is currently rated as a 7-handicap player.

In 2013, Tommy was able to play alongside Adolfo Cambiaso and help his team win the prestigious RH Polo tournament. Due to his performance, he was named the MVP of the tournament.

Aside from being an excellent player, Tommy’s actions can also be seen as the reason why he has become a popular figure in the world of professional polo. He helps boost the confidence of his teammates and helps them improve their performances on the field.

Hilario Ulloa

His passion for horses also came from his father, Carlos Polito Ulloa. The passion for horses was something that his father had always been able to instill in him.

As a kid, Hilario had always wanted to play in the Argentina Open. After 10 years of playing professional Polo, he was able to finally fulfill his childhood dream in 2013. In 2016, he was able to become the East Coast Champion. Due to his accomplishments, he was given a 10-goal handicap rating.

Bob Jornayvaz

Probably the most popular amateur player in the world of professional Polo is Bob Jornayvaz. He first became interested in the sport when he was in college. Unfortunately, he took a break from playing for a few years after suffering a serious injury.

After taking a break from professional Polo, he decided to focus on his business. In 1984, he established the company known as the Intrepid Production Corporation. Today, Jornayvaz is the executive chairman and chief executive officer of the company, which is known for its mining and gas operations. He has a net worth of over $200 million.

He has won numerous international tournaments. Some of these include the US Open, the Silver Cup, and the CV Whitney Cup. He also participated in multiple other international tournaments such as the Ylvisaker Cup and the Joe Barry Memorial.