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For many people, Polo does not come to mind when they think of popular sports. While it may not be televised the way big sports like baseball and soccer are, it’s one of the biggest sports out there and is played in over 90 countries around the globe. There have been many different polo tournaments over the years, but just like with any competition, certain tournaments stand out in people’s minds more than other ones. Maybe it’s due to certain competitors going up against one another to settle a rivalry, or perhaps it’s due to some spectacular move that ended up winning the competition for someone that didn’t seem to stand a chance of winning. Regardless, there are plenty of amazing polo tournaments out there, so here are some of the biggest ones.

Cartier Queen’s Cup

One of the biggest British competitions out there, the Cartier Queen’s Cup occurs every year around May and June and is one of the most important (if not the most important) 22 goal polo tournaments to exist and it attracts some of the greatest polo players in the world. The tournament takes place at the beautiful Windsor Great Park and the VIP list is as impressive as they come. One of the most well known features of this tournament is its Clubhouse hospitality. You’ll often see audiences and competitors alike attending this event each year as it’s one of the biggest events in the country.

USPA Aspen World Snow Polo Championships

Known as one of the most unique polo competitions due to the weather, this tournament takes place in Aspen, Colorado at the Rio Grande Park. While polo isn’t traditionally played in the snow, this event adds that twist to make things a little more interesting. The tournament plays out like a traditional game of polo otherwise. The backdrop of the snow covered mountains adds a certain kind of beauty to the entire ordeal, and attendees have the ability to purchase tickets for the VIP tent in order to add a little more luxury to the whole ordeal.

British Ladies Polo Championship at Cowdray Park

While polo is traditionally played by men, women’s polo has begun to rapidly pick up in popularity in recent years. Due to that, this tournament is one of the biggest and one of the first tournaments made specifically for female competitors. The competition is played at two handicap levels; a 6-12 goals competition and a 12-18 goals one. Due to how big crowds were the first time, it’s more than likely we’ll continue to see this tournament going forward.