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Horse racing and polo have a long-standing argument over which sport can properly be referenced as “The Sport of Kings.” Although the general public agrees that horse racing deserves the title, polo is the sport which actually counts kings and princes as active participants.

Professionally, the sport of polo offers individuals access to some of the wealthiest and oldest families in the entire world. The sport itself attracts high-end product brands from around the globe, such as Rolls Royce, that are looking to benefit from a few high-priced transactions.

According to Suzanne Hamm, a marketing consultant who has worked with numerous polo properties during her time as the CMO of Standford Financial said that polo is a clique for companies who seek engaging investors with high net worths.

The sport itself remains widespread due to its self-sustainability. The sport and its clubs are funded my wealthy clients that pay high amounts of money to join the prestigious clubs. Additionally, patrons that own the clubs and sports teams are millionaires, which attracts more prominent patrons and sponsors. Companys like Ralph Lauren, Mercedes-Benz, and others host events, with $10,000 tents fans can purchase to attend. Theses events typically take place at large hospitality properties costing between $500 a person up to $50,000 a table to watch the different teams.

This sport is widely popular, for the most part, because of the teams that participate. Although social activities are a large part of polo competitions, the sport itself has seen a downturn in event attendance.

At the U.S. Open, 21 horses on the Venezuelan team died as a result of incorrect vitamin use. Brant, the owner of White Birch, owner of the top teams known worldwide, found himself subject of New York tabloids due to his alleged failure to pay magazine employees.

The sport of polo involves teams playing on horseback to score goals against the opposing teams. They must drive a small ball into the goal using a mallet and a solid plastic ball. The unique athletic blend of riders and horses have earned polo the title for being the Sport of Kings.

With so much of the sports’ funds coming from wealthy investors, it is crucial to keep a positive image nationally in order to continue encouraging individuals and companies to invest. One tournament organizer stated that Polo is indeed the Sport of Kings. Unfortunately, the negative publicity has caused a lot of kings to withdraw their personal wealth from the sport.