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For those who love polo, once they play they never want to stop. However, they have other responsibilities that keep them off the polo field from time to time. Because of that, it can be hard to keep one’s skills sharp. But for those dedicated players who are determined to be the best they can be at polo, there are numerous things they can do at home to improve their abilities. So if you’re determined to see that practice makes perfect, here are some tips to help make you the best polo player on the field.

Do Polo-Specific Exercises

If there’s one thing you don’t want to have happen, it’s getting on the polo field and discovering you’ve gotten out of shape between matches. To avoid this, do some polo-specific exercises at home. For example, do activities that focus on developing flexibility, arm strength, and your core. These can include yoga, which can allow you to improve flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes. Along with this, doing something as simple as squeezing a tennis ball for 10-15 seconds several times per day will do wonders for your grip strength.

Use a Foot Mallet

Another great way to keep up flexibility in your upper body, a foot mallet will let you practice your skills in your living room if needed. And by using golf, tennis, or ping-pong balls, you’ll be able to hone your skills even more, since the degree of difficulty will be made harder. However, if you can master these skills in your living room, you’ll be hard to beat once you mount your horse on the playing field.

Watch Polo Videos

With YouTube available online, you can watch a seemingly endless array of polo videos that can help you learn new techniques. Whether it’s how to position yourself or set up a shot, these videos will make you a much better player.

Bond With Your Horse

Along with practicing your techniques and keeping yourself in shape, take some time to bond with your polo pony. By taking some walks together and spending some real quality time together, you and your horse will be a great duo that will be unbeatable.

By taking advantage of these practice techniques, you’re bound to see your polo skills improve dramatically. So while you are between polo matches, take some time to ensure you will be the envy of every player on the field.