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Although polo has historically been regarded as a royal sport for the rich, it is now attracting more mainstream audiences due to the increasing number of people who are passionate about it.

In most countries in North America, Europe, and South America, polo is commonly played. It has also gained popularity in South East Asia, such as Singapore and Taiwan. Originally a sport of kings, it has also spread from its traditional center.

In the early days of the sport, people in Persia used to play horse polo. Due to the emergence of American clubs, the sport has gained popularity. Due to the varying cultures and landscapes that have contributed to the development of the sport, it has gained a new look.

Where Is Polo Played?

Although it originated in India, modern polo has its roots in various countries around the world. Europe, the U.S., and South America are some of the prominent regions where it is commonly played.

Despite having established some of the most prominent clubs in the world, other countries are still catching up to the US and Europe. The season for the sport begins in May in England. It continues through Spain, France, Argentina, and Florida in the U.S.

Due to the increasing number of wealthy individuals from the Middle East and Asia who are funding tournaments in other countries, the sport has gained a global following.

In the United Arab Emirates, wealthy individuals are investing millions of dollars annually in establishing and funding various clubs for the sport. These individuals are hoping to attract the best players from Europe and other countries.

Elite Competitions

Argentina is known for producing some of the most talented players in the world. It also has the best horses that can be used to play the sport.

Although Argentina is known for producing some of the best players in the world, most of them end up playing in Europe. For instance, in the May to July season, various prestigious tournaments are held in the region.

One of the most prominent tournaments that take place during this period is the Veuve Cliquot Gold Cup. It is held at Cowdray Park in West Essex.

There are 22 high-goal tournaments that are held in England. Each team has to pay an entry fee of around £25,000 to participate in these events. The patrons of these tournaments spend around $3 million to prepare their teams for the English season.

After the Gold Cup, the players move on to other countries where they can compete against the best teams in the world.

Top Teams

Due to the quality of the sport, it has been regarded as legitimate international competition. One of the most prominent tournaments that take place is the World Polo Championship.

The World Polo Championships was established by Marcos Uranga, who was the former president of Argentina’s Polo Association. Both the men and women can participate in the same tournament every three to four years.

Uranga proposed the idea of establishing an international tournament for the sport during the 1980s. Eventually, the event was established in 1987 through the formation of the Federation International de Polo.

Recently, the top-ranked teams have included Argentina, Brazil, the U.S., England, Mexico, Italy, Spain, and France. Aside from having the best talent pool, Argentina also has the most talented players. It has at least eight players with 10-goal goals.

Aside from having the best horses, Argentina also has a number of wealthy individuals who are known to support the sport. This provides the country with a steady supply of talent.


Despite the lack of a similar culture as in Argentina, Europe’s growing popularity of the sport is expected to provide more money for the development of Polo.

Due to the increasing popularity of the sport, more people are expected to start playing it. The U.S. and England are expected to eventually challenge Argentina’s top players.

Despite the challenges that come from other countries, Argentina is expected to continue producing the best players for the next few years.