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Like all Polo enthusiasts, you would have your list of favorite players. To get your facts right, I’m presenting a list of the best Polo players of all times below.

No. 10: Corinne Ricard

My pick for the number 10 spot of celebrity polo players is a woman vastly regarded as the best female Polo player globally. One of only a handful of females on the professional circuit largely dominated by male players, Corinne has also been an active ambassador of the game for women.

No. 9: Pelayo Berazadi

Even after almost eighty years, Pelayo Berazadi is considered as the best Polo player the UK has ever produced. Playing internationally during the 1920s, the Gerald Balding Cup is still played annually at Cirencester Park Club as a mark of respect to him.

No. 8: Facundo Pieres

Facundo was born into a family with Polo in their blood. He is the son of legendary Polo player Gonzalo Pieres Senior.

No. 7: Luke Tomlinson

Another one to be born into a Polo playing family, Tomlinson is one of the top category players in England. He is also the winner of the Gold Cup, Queen’s Cup, and the Coronation Cup.

No. 6: Mike Azzarro

From Texas, Mike had held the game’s top goal handicap of 10 goals for over ten years! He was honored the Polo Excellence Award for the youngest player by The Polo Magazine twice, in 1987 and 1990 besides getting the medal for player of the year in 1994.

No. 5: Guillermo Gracida

Guillermo Gracida Junior was a Mexican with several record-breaking feats such as being a ten goal player regularly for 21 years. He was selected as Player of the Centennial Era in 1990 and was inducted into the National Polo Hall of Fame five years later.

No. 4: Juan Zubiaurre

A Spaniard best recalled for his defensive tactics, Zubiaurre also won The Polo Magazine’s Polo Excellence Award for the best player and holds several impressive records.

No. 3: Gonzalo Pieres

Born in 1956, Gonzalo is one of the best known Polo players in Argentina, and father of Facundo Pieres. He managed and subsequently acquired the Ellerstina Club.

No. 2: Carlos Gracida

Gracida was known for his defensive style. He is also recalled for his superb horsemanship and work rate on the field.

No. 1: Adolfo Cambiaso

A 10-goal player, he is regarded as the best in the game. He achieved the handicap of 1 goal at just the age of 12!