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Polo is a smaller sport that’s gaining ground in the United States. Although many people are intimidated by polo, it’s a surprisingly accessible and family-friendly sport. Most people associate polo with wealth and even royalty. In reality, it’s one of the most interesting and affordable sports to watch.


Polo is a great sport for anyone who loves horses. Most polo horses in the United States are at least 75% thoroughbred. The most common cross is a quarter horse and thoroughbred. Quarter horses are strong and have great stamina. They were bred to work. Thoroughbreds are quick and have excellent balance. Together, they make a great mix. Polo ponies are great at sharp turns, and they’re not afraid to be aggressive out on the pitch. 


During a game, polo players will ride more than one mount. They change horses every 7 minutes or so. Every 7 minute and 30-second time frame is known as a “chukker.” Professional polo players may change horses even more often, at 3-4 minute intervals. Professional polo has the largest playing field of any standard sport. It’s almost the size of ten football fields. Arena polo is a variant on the sport that’s played in a smaller, indoor sport.


Professional polo can seem very expensive and glamourous. At some times, it is! However, local polo clubs host very affordable events. One great thing about polo is that it’s generally very social. People are encouraged to picnic, and there are often cocktail parties associated with many polo events.