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The modern game of polo has changed. John Walton taught players how to alliance and play for their flanks rather than themselves. He turned the polo game approach from the traditional formula of having a goalkeeper on one side while other players hit the ball and keeping it to themselves to riding off.

1. How is Polo Game Played?

The game rules are straightforward. One is expected to ride the opposition off the line with the horse. Then hit the ball to score the opponent or knock out the opposition polo stick to block them from striking the ball. Being a beginner is never a challenge, the moment you mount on the horse, everything takes shape.

You adapt to the speed of the horse and momentum of the game, controlling the horse with your left hand and the stick on the right. As you control the direction of the horse by pressing your left or right leg. The polo game is exciting and communication with your horse connects through instincts. The game is less risky due to the highly trained horses. It builds teamwork among the players and their horses.

2. What Protection Gears Do I Need for the Game?

The player must have the safety attire for the game during matches. Standard riding equipment is enough during lessons and rehearsals. The player must have polo horseracing hat, knee guards, brown horse boots, and white polo Jeans.

3. How Long Does a Match Last?

The game can be four, six or eight chukka contingent of the horses and players available. A match has to have two or three players and one or two referees. A chukka is seven minutes with three minutes’ intervals between the games. The speed covered in the match is up to 30 miles per hour, and a suitable horse can play two chukkas but at intervals. If the player wants to participate a complete game, he or she must have two horses. The game offers a chance to enjoy the pleasant and sporting ambiance. No other exciting team game like polo.

4. What Horses are Best for Polo Game?

Irish horses are competent to play the game, their strong bones and swiftness make them best ponies for polo. However, polo ponies from Argentine when trained are fit for the game. The smaller the polo horse the better responsive they are and the fast you can dodge in and out of other players. Training takes three years for the pony to be skillful. Irish horse is the best for the polo game.

Polo match is an interactive play that requires horse riding. The participants both the player and the horse have to work together towards their opponents. Find out the next polo club located within your proximity and register for the exciting game. If you have no riding skills, join a horse riding school and learn necessary skills. Once you are self-assured in galloping a horse, join a polo game training.