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The game of polo has often been referred to as the ‘Game of Kings.’ The game is fast and complex and novice players, as well as elite professionals, say that there are not many things that match the competitive thrill afforded to them as polo players.

The following is the four greatest things about the game of Polo:

The Sound And Field Of A Properly Hit Ball

The thought of steering a horse with one hand while swinging a wooden mallet with the other in an effort to hit a small white ball seems like a very difficult thing to do. And that’s because it is. Especially when the speed and intensity of competition are added by including seven other players seeking to do the exact same thing.

It is this complexity of hitting the ball while playing polo that leads to so much joy when it is accomplished. When all elements of a swing come together properly the sound and feel of the mallet hitting the ball is exhilarating.

The Partnership With A Horse

The physical ability of polo horses is unmatched by many creatures on earth. These horses have been known to gallop at top speed for a full ten minutes across acres of open field. They can also make turns so sharp while galloping that any rider that is unprepared for these turns can easily be thrown from the horse.

But as impressive as the physical traits of polo horses are their mental capacity to play the game is just as admirable. Polo horses are capable of reading the play of the game as well as if not better than the player and get players to the play and then properly position itself to allow the player to hit the ball.

A good polo horse is a polo player’s best friend.


The comradery that is present amongst both teammates and opposing players on a polo field often results in lifelong friendships. The polo community is small but extremely welcoming to everyone that is sincerely interested in the fun of polo played in a safe manner. Members of the polo community are eager to take novice players under their wing and show them the ropes.

The Polo Lifestyle

The life of a polo player is not simply about showing up for games and leaving when the game is over. The culture surrounding polo play is a hospitable one that includes eating barbecue and drinking beer after games while watching the setting of the sun.

There is also of the annual trip that many polo players make to Argentina each November, where the game of polo originated to play and see the game played at the highest level.


There is no other game that can match the thrill of a highly contested game of polo. And the four reasons above along with many others keep polo players of all ages and skill range coming back for more time and time again.