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Polo horses are very special animals. Though they’re full-sized horses, they’re affectionately known as “polo ponies.” Polo ponies are generally thoroughbreds or thoroughbred crosses. They have many great features that set them apart and make them beloved by their riders. Polo ponies aren’t just fast and strong. They’re also beautiful animals who are full of personality.


 Polo is a fast-paced sport. Polo ponies must be able to run fast and turn on a dime. Because of this, they become incredibly muscular. Polo ponies are particularly known for their strong, highly developed hindquarters. 


 One of the most distinctive things about polo is that the horses have their tails taped. In spite of this, polo ponies have incredibly soft tails with great volume. Grooms who work with polo horses take mane, and tail care very seriously! Speaking of manes, polo ponies get what amounts to a buzz cut. 


 The manes are kept short to keep them from becoming a hazard. If a mallet catches on a mane, it becomes a problem for everyone involved. The closely clipped mane of a polo pony feels very different from most other horses. However, they’re carefully maintained. The lack of mane hair means more time and space for neck rubs.


 Finally, polo ponies are very intelligent. This shows in their eyes. When it comes to polo, horses are selected in part for temperament. They must be able to deal with a crowded pitch and lots of action. Polo ponies make great, stable, loyal, and level-headed friends for their riders.